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How to side load apps on PAX devices

For Debug PAX devices:

1 Ensure developer options are enabled. The password for the dev settings is "Dev9876@@".
(Configure on-device developer options | Android Developers)

2 Enable USB Debugging if the option is available (some devices don’t have this setting)

  • If the device does not appear as a mounted drive, or is an A35, skip to 8.

3 When the device is plugged in and you’re prompted to choose what to do, select file transfer.

4 Navigate through the pad’s file system on your PC to the Download folder.

5 Drop your app .apk file in the Download folder.

6 Navigate to the Download folder on the Pad by opening the Files app, it should be default.

  • If it’s not the default option, tap the vertical ellipses and check Show Internal Storage, then from the Hamburger menu on the top left select the device name and the Download folder should be visible.

7 Tap your .apk and confirm all prompts to install your application.

8 If the pad doesn’t appear as a mounted drive on your PC, install Android adb tools.
(Android Debug Bridge (adb) | Android Developers)

9 Open a command prompt from the install destination of adb tools (android_adk/platform-tools/).

10 Typing "adb devices" will bring up a list of all connected devices.

11 Type "adb -s <SERIAL_NUMBER> install <PATH_OF_APK>" to install your app.

For Prod PAX devices:

All applications developed for PAX devices must be sent to Datacap via an online form.

Submitted applications are screened for malware and other suspicious content by Datacap. If no malicious articles are found, the package will be signed and stored into a repository for remote distribution. The estimated time to complete this process is three business days. Once the process is complete, the partner will receive an email response with two Partner Package Codes: one to install the package, and another to uninstall it.

The partner is able to enter the Partner Package Code into the text prompt present in the Payloader application to load their application to the pad. Note that anyone who has access to the application’s Partner Package Code can load it onto any Datacap PAX device that has the Payloader application, so only distribute the code to trusted parties.

To reach the Payloader application from PXRetailer, swipe up from the bottom of the device, and double-tap the back arrow on the taskbar. For most devices, the password is “pax9876@@” by default. This will put PXRetailer into the background. If the Android home screen is not visible, press the center button on the bottom task bar to reach it.

From the Android home screen, open the Payloader app. The UI should look similar to the following image.

Note, older versions of Datacap Payloader do not support Package Code entry, please contact Datacap support to receive the newest version.


From this screen, simply enter your Partner Package Code, then press the “LOAD” button. Your package should begin loading after a few seconds.

Payloader application

Additional Debug Information:

Certain API levels, such as the IM30’s API Level 25, don’t natively support Wi-Fi Debugging. However, you can access the functionality using adb like so:

1 With the device connected to the PC with Android Studio, or your IDE of choice, you can run "adb -s <SERIAL_NUMBER> tcpip 5555" to open the port for adb.

2 From that point, attempts to connect via the device’s IP (e.g. adb connect should allow Wi-Fi Debugging.

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