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How to install Datacap’s Magento plugin

Follow the steps below to install and Configure Datacap’s Magento eCommerce plugin for NETePay Hosted. View all resources for the Magento plugin on GitHub

1 Go to the Magento root directory.

root directory

2 Place the Datacap Magento app directory in the Magento root directory.

3 Enter the following at the command line:

					php​ ​bin/magento​ ​setup:upgrade
php​ ​bin/magento​ ​setup:di:compile
php​ ​bin/magento​ ​setup:static-content:deploy


Admin Configuration

1 Go to the Magneto Admin Panel.

2 Select Store => Configuration.

3 Select Sales => Payment Method.

Here you’ll find the settings to configure the Datacap Magneto plugin.

  1. Enabled

    This option enables/disables the Datacap payment method for the store.

  2. Title

    The display name of the Datacap payment option presented to the customer at checkout.

  3. Environment

    Either Sandbox (test) and Production

  4. Datacap Token Key and Ecommerce MID

    Credentials provided by Datacap for Ecommerce processing.

  5. Payment Action

    Choose either:

    1. Authorize

      The amount is authorized during checkout, but captured when the invoice is generated in the Admin Panel.

    2. Authorize and Capture

      The amount is authorized and captured during checkout, and an invoice is created automatically.

Capture an Authorized Amount / Generate an Invoice

1 Go to the Magento Admin Panel.

2 Select Sales => Order.

3 Select an order to invoice.

4 Click the Invoice option from the top navigation bar.

5 At the bottom of the invoice under Invoice Totals, you will see an option to Capture Online.

6 Click the Submit Invoice button.

Issue a Refund / Return

To issue a refund, you first need an invoice. Follow the steps above to generate the invoice, then follow the steps below:

1 From the Magento Admin Panel, select Sales => Invoices.

2 Go to the Magento Admin Panel.

3 Click the Credit Memo option in the top navigation bar.

4 At the bottom of the invoice, you will see options to Refund or Refund Offline (cash refund).

5 Click the Refund button to issue a refund to the payment card.

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