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How to fix Verifone’s 525 Incident for Elavon Installs

Verifone’s 525 incident causes some VX 805 PIN Pads encrypted for Elavon to continuously reboot. If you are unsure if your VX 805s are affected, you can check the status of your devices here. We created a free field loader to address this Verifone issue.

Here’s what to do if your VX 805 is affected:

1 Download and install the field loader application (a shortcut is created on the desktop and in the start menu under “Software from Datacap”).

2 Start the application and enter the COM port the PIN pad is connected to the PC in “PC CommPort”.

3 Select whether the device is connected via USB or Serial under “Device connected by”.

4 Click “Verifone Vx805 Elavon – Load new XPI”.

The loader application handles putting the device in download mode and loading the software. The PIN pad automatically reboots and installs XPI once the load is complete. This process cannot be reversed. 

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