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How to configure the PIN Pad reboot time

Pin Pad Reboot time is a setting that initiates a reboot of the pin pad daily at a set time. This occurs every 24 hours in order to meet PCI V4 compliance standards. By default, this is set to 4AM local time and may be modified using a supported POS or our EMV US Client Test App. However, this cannot be configured on the pin pad itself. Here’s how to configure the PIN Pad reboot time:

Via POS Integration

Within the POS configuration, the pin pad reboot time should be set in HHMM (Hours, Minutes; 1401) format. Set the reboot time via EMV parameter download by including the pinpad reboot time XML tag as part of the parameter download request: <PinPadRebootTime>HHMM</PinPadRebootTime>. For more information, check our Developer Portal

Via EMV US Client Test Application

The pin pad reboot time may be modified using our EMV US Test Client app by setting the Pad Reboot Time HHMM in the “Admin” section and performing an EMV parameter download.

US EMV Client Test App

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