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InitializeSecurityContextFailed – Status = -2146893018


This message appears when processing a transaction or when closing the batch.


Verify the NETePay software version installed supports TLS 1.2.  For additional information as to the version that supports TLS 1.2 click here.

  • For versions below 5.05.05:

    • Login to PSCS and to upgrade to the latest version

Please visit our support page if you are unfamiliar with upgrading NETePay in PSCS.

  • For version 5.05.05 activated prior to February 1, 2015:

    • Support for TLS 1.2 was added to this version after the initial release and to receive these updates, uninstall NETePay and download the same NETePay version 5.05.05 for the selected processor directly from Datacap’s download website

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q – We have updated the NETePay software. Why are we are still receiving the same error message?

A – Verify the Windows operating system running the NETePay software supports TLS 1.2, if it does not the operating system will have to be updated to resolve this error.

Q – The software has been updated. Why can’t we close the batch?

A – At this point there are two options but in either case, the merchant will have to work with their processor to receive the funds for the transactions unless the possibility exists to close the batch over dial back-up.

  1. Void all transactions that were processed prior to upgrading NETePay and then close the batch.

  2. Clear/Erase the batch to delete all transactions both prior to and after the upgrade.

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