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NETePay Director Firewall Settings

If you are having issues using the new NETePay Director, you may need to create an inbound firewall rule for the NETePay Director to allow ports 9000 & 9100 access. See below for instructions for creating an inbound firewall rule.

First, open the Windows firewall. Select “Advanced settings”.

At the top left side, click “Inbound Rules”.

On the right side at the top, click “New Rule”.

The New Inbound Rule Wizard will open. Select “port” for the new rule you’d like to create. Click next.

On the next screen “Protocols & Ports” make sure TCP is selected and Specific local ports is selected. Type in port 9000, 9100 for NETePay & GIFTePay, click next.

On the next screen make sure the “Allow the connection” is selected, click next.

On the Profile page make sure that Domain, Private, and Public are checked, click next.

On the Name page type in the name of your rule (example: NETePay GIFTePay Rule) and click finish.

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