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Ingenico Self/3000 – Serial Connection

What do I need to connect the Self/3000?

  • Ingenico Self/3000
  • Ingenico Self/3000 serial cable
  • Ingenico Self/3000 USB cable (supplies power for serial connections)
  • Included serial cable adaptor (for TranCloud)

1.) Plug included Serial Cable Adaptor into MSR/PIN Pad port on TranCloud.
Do not use the ECR/AUX Port.

Serial Adaptor Cable

2.) Plug Self/3000 serial cable into back of Self/3000 and to the serial cable adaptor connected to TranCloud.

Self 3000 comm

Back of Self/3000 along with both ends of the Self/3000 Serial cable

3.) Connect Self/3000 USB cable to the back of the Self/3000 and to power/your kiosk application.

4.) Connect TranCloud to 120V power outlet using included TranCloud power supply.