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Reseller Program Overview

Datacap Systems markets reliable integrated electronic payment solutions that make it easy for any POS, ECR, terminal or business system to add integrated payments and use the payment service(s) of choice. Datacap solutions are easy to sell and implement, and easy to support.

Datacap is dedicated to a “Dealer-Centric” business strategy, delivering integrated payment systems to retailers via the ECR/POS systems dealer channel, replacing stand-beside terminals normally sold by ISO’s. Dealers must be involved for successfully implemented and supported integrated installations. This synergistic strategy allows dealers to profit on the sale of integrated payment products, and/or also positions them to realize referral commissions and after-sale value-add support revenue from cooperating Banks/ISO’s. Dealer profitability is based on selling and supporting integrated systems, where dealers’ systems expertise provides significant benefits and value-added services not provided by non-systems sales organizations nor by non-integrated solutions.

Recognizing the need for cooperation between retail systems providers and banks/ISO’s to meet retailers’ integrated payments requirements, Datacap products and services synchronize the competencies of both groups, making it easy and profitable for everyone involved to meet retailers’ evolving payment processing needs. Many Banks/ISO’s compensate Datacap’s reseller partners for the services provided and for the value added. Datacap has also developed programs with several Dealer-friendly ISO’s enabling those ISO’s to offer a “No Up-front Cost” payment solution option for dealers and their customers.

Datacap Reseller Program Participation Requirements

  • Must be an authorized reseller for ECR/POS Systems using Datacap products, and resell Datacap products only with ECR/POS systems you are authorized to resell
  • Must be a business system reseller, selling products and services to multiple end users
  • Must sell Datacap products directly to end-users and not to any third party intending to resell said Datacap products to another entity, without Datacap’s written consent
  • Maintain trained sales and support staff for installation and after-sale support of Datacap products