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NETePay Hosted or NETePay Classic?

What's the difference between NETePay Hosted and NETePay Classic apps?
Feature NETePay Hosted NETePay Classic
Card Present features (Credit, Debit, EBT, FSA, Contactless, DirectE2EE, EMV Store & Forward, etc)
Lifetime support
Control via PSCS
Unlimited Processor switches and upgrades (via Datacap Direct Rental)
Unattended Payments
Processor-Agnostic Tokens
ACH Processing
Alternative Payments (QR Code, Text-to-Pay, Turn-key kiosks, Online Ordering, Memberships and TextPay Invoicing)
PCI-Validated P2PE
Real-Time Reporting
Universal Encryption Key
Consolidated Batching and Reporting across in-store and eCommerce transactions
Virtual Terminal
Remote Key Injection (RKI)
Surcharge with BIN lookup
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