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Ingenico Link/2500 – Static IP

What do I need to connect the Link/2500?

  • Ingenico Link/2500

  • TranCloud unit and TranCloud power supply

  • IP Address for wireless network (What’s this?)

  • Gateway Address for wireless network (What’s this?)

  • Password to Wi-Fi Network

1.)  Turn on the Link/2500 by holding the green enter key.

2.)  Press 0-0-0-1 to enter into the admin menu. Select “Communication type”.

3.)  Press “wifi” on touchscreen. Press the Red “X” key once. Press “Yes” to reboot.

4.)  Press 0-0-0-1 to enter into the admin menu.

5.)  Select “WIFI Parameters”.

6.)  If WIFi is not enabled select “Enable”.

7.)  Select “Scan Networks”.

8.)  Select your access point’s SSID from the list provided list.

9.)  Enter your network’s WiFi password then press the green enter key.

10.) Select “Default IP Configuration”.

11.) Select “DHCP activation”.

12.) Select “Off” then press “Enter (Green)” key.

13.) Select “IP address”.

14.) Enter the static IP assigned to the device then press “Enter (Green)” key.

15.) Select “Subnet mask”.

16.) Enter the subnet mask of the LAN this device is connected to then press “Enter (Green)” key.

17.) Press “Cancel (Red)” key once.

18.) Press “Enter (Green)” key when prompted to save changes.

19.) Press “Cancel (Red)” key once. The device should reboot.