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Ingenico Link/2500 – MAC Address

What do I need to connect the Link/2500?

  • Link/2500

  • Link/2500 power supply

  • Link/2500 Ethernet cable

  • Internet Router

1.)  Press 0-0-0-1 to access the admin menu. Select “Communication type”. Select “WIFI”.

2.)  Press “red Cancel” key once. When prompted to save and reboot select “Yes”.

3.)  Once the Link/2500 reboots, access the admin menu and Select “WIFI Parameters”.

4.)  If WIFI is not enabled select “Enable”. If wifi is enabled, skip to step 6.

5.)  Select “Scan Networks”. Select your access point’s SSID from the list provided list

6.)  Enter your network’s WiFi password then press the Enter (green) key.