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Ingenico iSelf Series – Serial Connection

What do I need to connect the iSelf Series?

  • Ingenico iUP 250 PIN Pad
  • Ingenico iUR 250 MSR & Insertion Reader
  • Ingenico iUC 150 NFC Reader
  • Ingenico USB cables
  • Serial cable DB9 (included with iSelf Series)
  • TranCloud power cable
  • Included serial cable adaptor (for TranCloud)

1.) Plug included Serial Cable Adaptor into MSR/PIN Pad port on TranCloud. Do not use the ECR/AUX Port.

Serial Adaptor Cable

2.) Connect iUC 150 NFC Reader and iUR 250 reader to the bottom of the IUP 250 PIN pad using 2 Ingenico USB cables. Any of the four USB Ports can be used.

USB Cables

Bottom of iUP 250 PIN Pad.

USB Cables

USB cable plugged into iUC 150 (left) and iUR 250 (right).

3.) Connect the iUP 250 PIN Pad to your kiosk application/power.

Note: iUP 250 will turn on once it’s connected to power.

4.) Connect Ingenico serial cable to the top of the iUP 250 and into the TranCloud serial adaptor cable.

5.) Connect TranCloud to 120V power outlet using included TranCloud power supply.