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Ingenico iPP 350 – Serial Connection

What do I need to connect the iPP 350?

  • Ingenico iPP 350
  • Ingenico iPP 350 serial cable
  • Ingenico iPP 350 power supply
  • Included serial cable adaptor
  • Included TranCloud power supply

1.) Plug included Serial Cable Adaptor into MSR/PIN Pad port on TranCloud. Do not use the ECR/AUX Port.

Serial Adaptor Cable

2.) Plug iPP 350 serial cable into serial cable adaptor connected to TranCloud.

Serial Cables

3.) Connect iPP 350 power supply to 120V power outlet and to the back of the iPP 350 serial cable.

iPP 350 will turn on once it’s connected to power.

Power Supply Cables

4.) Connect TranCloud to 120V power outlet using included TranCloud power supply.

5.) Verify com setting on PIN pad is set to ‘serial’. (how to change pin pad interface settings)

A. Restart the iPP 350 by disconnecting and reconnecting it to its power source. Once the iPP 350 loads the “splash” screen, quickly press 2-6-3-4, the green enter key, followed by the “F” key.  

Splash Screen

B. Use the “F2/F3” keys to scroll down and select “TDA”. Press the green enter key. Select “configuration” and press the enter key, “communication” and press the enter key, and “select comm. type” and press the enter key.

F2 and F3 keys

C. Choose “Serial” and press the green enter key. Press the red cancel key three times. Press the “1” key (yes) at the “save and reboot” screen. The iPP 350 will then reboot with your saved settings.

Serial Com type