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DC Direct Set-up Guide / PAX A920Pro Ethernet

DC Direct Setup - PAX A920Pro - Ethernet

What do you need to connect the PAX A920Pro via Ethernet?

  • Configured network and router
  • Network name and password
  • PAX A920Pro configured with Datacap keys and the appropriate Datacap ECN
  • Ethernet cable(s)

Connect Ethernet cable

1 Connect an Ethernet cable to the A920Pro's back plate LAN port and to your network.

If using DHCP,  no further setup should be required (Ethernet w/ DHCP is enabled by default). If using Static, continue to the next steps. 

Access Android Desktop

1 Swipe up from the bottom of the screen.

2 Touch the back key twice.

Back Arrow

3 When prompted for Back Desktop password type "pax9876@@". Touch "Enter".

Back Desktop

Connect to Ethernet

1 From the Android Desktop, touch "Settings".

Android Desktop

2 When prompted for password, type"pax9876@@". Touch "OK".

Please Input password

3 Touch "Network & Internet" > "Ethernet" > "Ethernet IP Mode".


4 Select "Static".

Enter the values for the following:

  • IP address
  • Gateway
  • Network prefix length (this is your subnet mask in CIDR notation)
  • DNS 1
  • DNS 2

5 Touch "Connect".

6 Touch the home button to return to Android Desktop.

Pair POS and DC Direct

Configure your Point of Sale using the DeviceID, the corresponding Merchant IDs (MIDS), and Terminal IDS (TIDS).  

If using Wi-Fi or Ethernet connected PIN Pads, configure your POS with the corresponding IP addresses and port numbers from Step 4 above.  

1 Tap the DC Direct app from the Android Desktop To view the DeviceID (serial #) and connected IP address.

Android Desktop
Android Desktop
A920 Pro Info
DC Direct Settings

2 Touch the home button to return to Android Desktop.

3 Touch "PXRetailer" to return to Welcome Screen.

If you need help pairing DC Direct, contact your POS provider for specific instructions.

Run a Test Transaction

Initiate a $1.00 test sale from your POS.

Transaction detail