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DC Direct Set-up / Ingenico Lane/3000 ethernet

Ingenico Lane/3000 - ethernet

What do you need to connect DC Direct using the Lane/3000?

  • Internet router
  • Included ethernet cable
  • Power cable
  • Ingenico Lane/3000 loaded with Datacap key

Cable Configuration

1 Plug included ethernet cable into internet router.

2 Plug power cable into 120V power outlet and into the back of the ethernet cable.

ethernet power cables

3 Plug ethernet cable into back of the Lane/3000.

Plug into back of pad

Hosted Estate Manager Download

1 From the idle screen press the “F” key. If prompted for amount press the “F” key a second time.

Idle Screen

2 Select “Admin Mode” if given the option.

Admin Mode

3 If prompted for the admin password type “123456A” then press the “Enter (Green)” key.

Admin password

4 Select “Tetra Admin”.

Tetra Admin

5 Select 1-Download Application

Download application

6 Select 2-Start Download

Start Download

7 Press the “Enter (Green)” key when prompted to “Enter package name”. No value is needed.

Package Name 2

The device will reboot twice then settle on the idle screen.

Set date and time

1 From the idle screen press the “F” key (silver circle key) .

Idle Screen

2 Select “Admin Mode”.

Admin mode

3 If prompted enter the admin password (“123456A” by default) then press the “Enter (Green)” key.

Admin password

4 Select “Tetra Admin”.

Tetra Admin

5 Select “Set Date and Time”.

6 Select “Set Date”.

Set time

7 Enter date in mm/dd/yyyy format and press “Enter (Green)” key.

set date

8 Select “Set Time”.

9 Enter time in hh:mm format and press “Enter (Green)” key.

Set Time

10 Press the “Enter (Green)” key.

11 Press “Cancel (Red)” key twice to return to idle screen.

Pair DC Direct with your POS

Pair DC Direct with your POS using the device id or the device IP address.

Identify the Device ID (SN number) located on the back of the device. Use this value to pair your Point of Sale with DC Direct. 

SN Number







Note: to find the SN number, you may have to remove the cover on the back of the PIN pad.


1 At the "Welcome" screen press the .,#* button.

Welcome screen DC Direct

2 Select 7-Terminal Info

Terminal Info

3 Select 2-Display Parameters

Display Parameters

4 Select 1-Communication Params

Com params

5 Scroll to "TerminalIP"at the bottom of the screen. This is the device's current IP address on the network.

Communication Params

Use the “TerminalIP” (IP address) identified above to pair your Point of Sale with DC Direct.

Run a Test Transaction

Verify that all test transactions successfully reached NETePay Hosted™. Login to your dashboard via Datacap’s Reportal to view transactions.  Contact your processor to confirm that all transactions were received and the appropriate accounts were funded. 

Transaction detail

Need help installing DC Direct?

Contact your POS provider for help installing DC Direct.