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Ingenico Desk/3500 - Standalone Wi-Fi

What do you need to connect DC Direct using the Desk/3500?

  • Configured WiFi network and router
  • WiFi network name and password
  • Ingenico Desk/3500 configured with Datacap keys

Insert Paper Roll

Paper Roll Desk3500

Connect Wi-Fi

1 On first boot a prompt should be displayed with the message “Set up Wi-Fi?”. Press the “Enter (Green)” key to be taken to the “Configure Wi-Fi” section of Tetra Admin. If the “Set up Wi-Fi?” prompt was not displayed, the “Cancel (Red)” key was pressed, or one of the menus timed out due to inactivity.

1A From the idle screen press the “F” key (silver circle key).

Idle Screen

1B Select “Admin Mode”.

Admin mode

1C Enter the admin password (123456A).

Admin password

1D Select “Tetra Admin”.

Tetra Admin

1E Select 3-Configure Wi-Fi.

Config Wi-Fi

2 Select 1-Scan Networks.

Scan networks

3 Once scanning is complete select your WiFi network’s SSID. If your WiFi network is hidden or it’s SSID is not displayed select “Other” to enter it manually.

4 Type in your WiFi network’s password then press the “Enter (Green)” key. You’ll be returned to Tetra Admin. If the device was able to connect to the network the WiFi symbol in the upper left corner of the screen should now be green.

Hosted Estate Manager Download

1 From the idle screen press the “F” key (silver circle key). If prompted for amount press the “F” key a second time.

Idle Screen

2 Select “Admin Mode” if given the option.

Admin Mode

3 If prompted for the admin password type “123456A” then press the “Enter (Green)” key.

Admin password

4 Select “Tetra Admin”.

Tetra Admin

5 Select 1-Download Application

Download application

6 Select 1-Configure Download

Start Download

7 Select "Network Type"

Network type

8 Select "WiFi"

9 Press the Green Enter key.

10 Press the Red Cancel key.

11 Select 2-Start Download

Start Download

12 Press the Green Enter key when prompted to “Enter package name”. No value is needed.

The device will reboot twice then settle on the idle screen.

Set date and time

1 From the idle screen press the “F” key (silver circle key) .

Idle Screen

2 Select “Admin Mode”.

Admin mode

3 If prompted enter the admin password (“123456A” by default) then press the “Enter (Green)” key.

Admin password

4 Select “Tetra Admin”.

Tetra Admin

5 Select “Set Date and Time”.

6 Select “Set Date”.

Set time

7 Enter date in mm/dd/yyyy format and press “Enter (Green)” key.

set date

8 Select “Set Time”.

9 Enter time in hh:mm format and press “Enter (Green)” key.

Set Time

10 Press the “Enter (Green)” key.

11 Press “Cancel (Red)” key twice to return to idle screen.

Run a Test Transaction

1 Insert card from the idle screen.

2 Input a $1.00 sale amount and press the Green Enter Key.

3 Remove card when prompted.

4 Transaction receipt prints.

Transaction detail

Need help installing DC Direct?

Contact your POS provider for help installing DC Direct.