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The Fun Station is a family-owned, three location entertainment center in Iowa. The Fun station features 18 attractions including a warrior course, jump tower, mega slides, bumper cars, play maze, climbing walls, ropes courses, climbing walls, mini bowling, arcade, lazer frenzy and more.

CenterEdge Software is a leading US-based provider of point-of-sale solutions, secure payment processing, and business excellence mentoring for multi-attraction amusement parks and entertainment centers.

Datacap Systems develops processor and hardware-agnostic omnichannel payment solutions for any Point of Sale, regardless of system architecture.



The Fun Station was looking to update their payment system from traditional cash registers to a single solution for sales, waivers and events, which would simultaneously allow them to cut costs in the process.


The Fun Station uses CenterEdge’s Point of Sale for onsite and online transactions, waivers, food and beverage, inventory, and events alongside Datacap’s NETePay Hosted payments platform with the Lane/7000 card-entry device from Ingenico.

With CenterEdge Point of Sale and Datacap’s NETePay Hosted platform, The Fun Station implemented a dual/multi-pricing program, the ability to offer their customers different price options based on tender-type selection directly on the Lane/7000 at checkout. This program allowed The Fun Station to mitigate processing costs on credit card payments using compliant credit card surcharging.

This dual/multi-pricing program has already saved The Fun Station thousands on credit card payment processing fees, with annual expected savings to reach $150,000 across all three facilities.


In addition to saving thousands on processing fees, modernizing their systems and tools allowed The Fun Station to maximize efficiencies for guests and team members. It also provided the means for them to make data-driven decisions about new offerings and programs, such as adding a tiered membership program that has grown 60% in two years and overhauling their food and beverage program, which now represents over a third of their total revenue.

In just a few short years of working with CenterEdge, The Fun Station acquired two additional locations in Eastern Iowa, scaling with purpose and providing a consistent guest experience across the entire brand. In addition to the outstanding guest service they’re known for, they leverage the power of CenterEdge Software to offer a streamlined approach to food and beverage, ticket sales, memberships, and payments.

“CenterEdge has been great at adapting over the years in constantly offering new products and not staying complacent, which is what I really like. Especially over the last several years, there have been so many new feature rollouts like Memberships, CenterEdge Payments, and Dual/Multi-Pricing. They’ve helped our business tremendously, not just internally but from the guest perspective as well.” said Nick Edwards, President & CEO, The Fun Station.

“Datacap’s innovative solutions and exceptional customer service have not only met but exceeded our expectations. We’re proud to be partnered with such a forward-thinking company that truly understands our needs and delivers outstanding solutions.” said Leslie Legel, Director of Payments, CenterEdge Software.

If you happen to find yourself in Iowa, be sure to stop by The Fun Station for some family fun and to check out the latest in payments technology!

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