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Brunswick Bowling


BrunswickFor more than a century, Brunswick Bowling has provided capital equipment to retail bowling centers, ranging from lanes, pinsetters, and furniture to automatic scoring systems and Point of Sale solutions. Perhaps Brunswick’s greatest contribution to the bowling industry was the blockbuster introduction of their automatic pinsetter in 1936. Today, Brunswick bowling has been busy reinventing the bowling industry once again by leading the charge with innovative business models that are now sweeping across America.

Datacap Systems develops processor and hardware-agnostic innovative integrated payment solutions for any Point of Sale, regardless of system architecture.  Industry-standard payment solutions from Datacap are utilized by hundreds of POS applications in an array of vertical markets.


Brunswick Bowling needed a secure and PCI compliant payments solution to bundle with their POS solutions for their merchants.  Brunswick’s merchants are mostly comprised of small bowling centers that have 40 or more “computers” (scoring computers, related peripherals, POS terminals, and back office systems) attached to a network. So, it is imperative that Brunswick develop an automatic scoring and POS solution that keeps centers’ costs to an absolute minimum. Bowling centers don’t have the IT staff or finances in place to support complex PCI compliance activities or initiatives.


Brunswick pairs Datacap’s IPTran™ LT device with their POS solutions. The IPTran LT device works with all major credit processors and maintains complete separation of credit card data and Brunswick’s Point of Sale application. Using Datacap’s Tran™ devices enable Brunswick to provide an integrated payment card solution, while also keeping Brunswick’s systems “out of scope” from PA-DSS requirements. 


“We developed a cloud-based CRM system called Sync, which interfaces with bowling centers’ scoring system, POS system, and web/social media platforms,” said Brandon Meigs, director of products at Brunswick Bowling. He continued, “In order to keep bowling centers’ PCI compliance costs to a minimum, we bundle this solution with Datacap’s IPTran LT devices. The IPTran LT device handles all sensitive card data and sends it directly to the Internet. It completely removes Brunswick POS and scoring system networks from PCI compliance activities and vastly lowers a bowling center’s IT complexity and cost.”

Brunswick continues to bring innovation to the bowling circuit with ongoing improvements. Check out your local bowling alley to see the latest in payments and technology from our friends at Brunswick.