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Why Unattended Payment Kiosks Are Here to Stay in 2023

Why Unattended Kiosks are here to stayUnattended payment kiosks are quickly becoming ubiquitous across industries, including retail, entertainment, healthcare, hospitality, and transportation. As of the end of last year, the U.S. kiosk market was valued at $10.4 billion and is estimated to grow 5.45 percent through 2028. Driving factors include the rise of intelligent technologies that provide customers with fast, efficient, hassle-free experiences. Businesses are also looking for ways to streamline service and product delivery. Kiosks can help your clients achieve those business goals.

What Is an Unattended Payment Kiosk?

Modern, state-of-the-art kiosks featuring interactive touchscreens, sophisticated software, and payment terminals deliver quick, convenient, and cost-effective self-service in a wide range of verticals.

Kiosks in Retail: Unattended payments allow retailers to offer self-checkout, sell through vending machines, and enable shoppers to browse inventory, order, and pay without assistance from a cashier or sales associate.

Kiosks in Hospitality: Customers can perform tasks on their own, from ordering food at restaurants to checking in at hotels, purchasing tickets, or making reservations.

Kiosks in Healthcare: From booking appointments, checking in, or making payments, self-service kiosks help ease the burden of requests on healthcare workers while allowing consumers to service their needs efficiently.

Why Customers Love Kiosks

The convenience unattended payment kiosks offer for purchasing products and services is why 67 percent of consumers use them. Other reasons why shoppers prefer self-service kiosks over traditional check-out methods include:

  • No human interaction is necessary.
  • Kiosks save time, with some retailers seeing wait times reduced by 40 percent.
  • Consumers find products and information without feeling rushed or judged.
  • Well-designed kiosks provide security and privacy during payment transactions.

Benefits to Businesses

Beyond providing consumers with the experiences they prefer, unattended payment kiosks offer businesses several advantages.

  • Efficient Employee Allocation: Kiosks help manage store or restaurant traffic during peak times and allow merchants to assign staff where they are needed most. Additionally, automating or offering self-service can save up to 69 percent of time related to the tasks that kiosks perform.
  • Adaptability and Scalability: Kiosks can adapt to enable new payment methods and support new functionality such as upselling or cross-selling. Businesses can also add more kiosks as they grow – much more easily than hiring and laying off staff as demand changes.
  • Remote Access and Control: Unattended payment kiosks connected to business networks give merchants control to change, manage, or disconnect kiosks remotely.
  • Attract More Customers: When kiosks are the preferred self-service method for a majority of consumers, your client may see a bump in customer loyalty by deploying them.
  • ROI: By lowering operating costs and consistently upselling, merchants can expect a better bottom line. In fact, 20 percent of businesses see an increase in average order size with kiosks.

The Future Looks Bright for Kiosks

As the workforce shortage continues and contactless transactions become even more popular, merchants who invest in self-service will win over competitors who maintain their technology status quo. The interactive technology and cloud services that power unattended payment kiosks are becoming more available and affordable, which means that it will be easier and more cost-effective than ever for small and medium-sized businesses to deploy these game-changing solutions.

Merchants who choose to deploy kiosks will need your help to optimize customer experiences and complement their brands, as well as provide necessary functionality. Your clients will also operate more efficiently if they have a single payment solution that enables transactions across all selling channels, whether in-store, online, mobile or unattended payment kiosks. Contact us to learn more.

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