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Datacap and Dash Now enable Text-to-Pay (eCommerce transactions) alongside card-present payments for any Point of Sale via Datacap’s NETePay Hosted™ platform.  No hardware or mobile app required.  

How it works:

Text-to-Pay for To-Go Orders

Send a text message to your customer allowing them to pay for their order remotely and receive a real-time notification when the customer arrives to pick up their order.

Text-to-Pay Overview

Dash Now Text-to-Pay Demo

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Why Datacap and Dash Now?

You might already be using Datacap and Dash Now separately, but did you know using them together can help you with…

Consolidated Batching & Reporting

Consolidate all transactions (text-to-pay transactions and card-present transactions) on one statement. View reporting for all transactions in one place.

Recurring Revenue

Earn recurring revenue with Datacap and Dash Now via residuals or revenue splits.

All Processors

Maintain access to all Processors. No need for additional certifications or development.

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