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Why Merchants Wish They Had Unattended Payment Solutions This Holiday Season

holiday kiosk

Kids (and some grownups) make wish lists of the things they’re hoping to receive for the holidays. If you’re a point of sale (POS) ISV or VAR, it’s important for you to recognize that another activity occurs during the holiday shopping season: Merchants make wish lists, too. Retailers and restaurant managers want things that allow […]

Reasons for the Migration to Unattended Parking Payment Systems

Municipalities and event venues work to avoid traffic gridlocks and delays — and a big part of the solution is parking. Drivers can bring the flow of traffic to a halt when searching for exact change while other vehicles block intersections inching into the payment queue. Moreover, commuters and event-goers won’t tolerate the delay when […]

Line-busting making holiday shopping more enjoyable

Line busting pretzels

In the rush to buy “must have” gifts for kids, spouses and co-workers, there is one other, less enjoyable accessory to Christmas time: lines, and lots of them. Here’s how to combat lines during the holiday season.