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How Restaurants Can Benefit from Semi-Integrated Payments

Semi-Integrated System in use at a cafe

Although about 70 percent of U.S. storefronts now accept EMV chip card payments, the restaurant industry generally lags behind other types of merchants in adoption. When the U.S. flipped the switch and began accepting EMV payments in October 2015, some restaurant owners were skeptical whether they needed the technology designed to stop card-present fraud, and […]

Meet the Soaring Demand for Unattended POS in the Restaurant and Retail Verticals

Print Mates Kiosk

If there’s one thing that all point of sale (POS) solutions providers can agree on, it’s that to be successful, you have to keep up with industry demands. One of the latest trends that have made it necessary for solutions providers businesses to adapt is the booming unattended POS trend. The global interactive kiosk market […]

Ingenico Group and Datacap Deliver Seamless and Secure Pay-at-the-Table Solution to the Restaurant Industry

Ingenico Group, the global leader in seamless payment, and Datacap Systems, an integrated payments middleware provider, announced today the installation of its Pay-at-the-Table solution at Uncle Oogie’s, a New Jersey and Philadelphia-based chain of pizzerias. Using Ingenico Group’s smart terminals, Datacap’s point of sale partner, PDQ Signature Systems was able to streamline the Pay-at-the-Table implementation for Uncle Oogie’s.