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Top Features to Look for in an Integrated Payments Partner

Top Features

Payments integration has distinct advantages over non-integrated systems. With payments integration, merchants don’t have to wait for batch reports and then manually enter data into their accounting systems. Instead, data is automatically shared with accounting. Moreover, with the right system, that includes data from all channels, including online, mobile, unattended and in-store. Overall, payments integration […]

4 Reasons to use PCI-Validated P2PE

4 Reasons to use PCI-Validated P2PE

PCI-validated P2PE (point-to-point encryption) is a vital part of a merchant’s network security strategy. Cybercrime is a continual threat to retailers, restaurateurs, and other consumer-facing businesses — accepting payment cards and storing payment data put them in hackers’ cross-hairs. P2PE encrypts payment data from the moment the consumer initiates payment until it is decrypted by […]