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4 Reasons to use PCI-Validated P2PE

4 Reasons to use PCI-Validated P2PE

PCI-validated P2PE (point-to-point encryption) is a vital part of a merchant’s network security strategy. Cybercrime is a continual threat to retailers, restaurateurs, and other consumer-facing businesses — accepting payment cards and storing payment data put them in hackers’ cross-hairs. P2PE encrypts payment data from the moment the consumer initiates payment until it is decrypted by […]

Retailers experiencing boom in data breaches

data breaches

“Recent data breach” is an often search term of late. It seems not a day goes by without word of a major retailer being attacked by a cybercriminal. The numbers certainly seem to suggest as much, as last year, there was nearly a 45 percent increase in data breaches for business…