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PopID and Daddy’s Chicken

PopID kiosk

Daddy’s Chicken is a fried chicken QSR restaurant located in Old Pasadena, California that features American southern flavor with a hint of Asian cuisine. Looking to expedite and safeguard the ordering process for their customers and employees, Daddy’s Chicken decided to partner with PopID to install pay-by-face kiosks with integrated payments.

E-Commerce Solutions Keep Businesses Open During the Coronavirus Pandemic


When 2020 began, many merchants took stock of how well their e-commerce solutions stood up to demand during the 2019 holiday season — or maybe how much better their businesses could have performed if they had an e-commerce solution. But a few weeks later, they realized an e-commerce solution was no longer just a tool […]

How Businesses Shut Down by Coronavirus Can Handle Online Order Management

Online ordering

For some businesses, online order management has suddenly become the biggest part of the day. With little warning, the COVID-19 coronavirus swept around the world, and, without treatments or vaccines, the only way to stop the contagious virus is to keep people apart. Every level of government urged — and in some cases required — […]