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Offline Processing Powered by Datacap

The ability to consistently accept payments is crucial for business owners. Now, with Datacap’s Store and Forward offline processing feature, business owners can accept secure offline payments anytime and anywhere regardless of IP connection or processor uptime.

Once re-connected to an internet source, the stored encrypted transactions are processed as normal. Good business owners plan for unexpected circumstances and now with Datacap’s store and forward offline processing, business owners can ensure that even if the rest of the world stops, their payments don’t have to.


PCI Validated

The first of its kind, Datacap’s S&F solution is PCI-validated to ensure data remains encrypted and secure.

Automatic Switching

Automatic Switching

When connectivity drops, NETePay will automatically switch to offline mode and will switch back immediately once connectivity is restored.

Force Offline

Force offline

Merchants without access to IP can process all transactions offline to process at a later time – ideal for mobile businesses without consistent IP access.


Configurable risk settings

Configurable settings like max transactions, amounts, and duration allow each merchant to tailor the solution to best fit their risk threshold.


Hardware Agnostic

Encrypted transactions are separated from the PIN Pad, allowing for dozens of supported devices with support for consolidated batching.

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