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How to Streamline Omnichannel Payments for Merchants

Omnichannel payments meet consumer expectations to make payments easily and securely regardless of how they’re engaging with a business. Successful VARs and ISVs prioritize creating omnichannel payment environments for their customers, giving them a single solution for managing payments on all channels. Omnichannel payment solutions:

  • Allow merchants to accept payments anywhere
  • Deliver efficient and friction-free shopping journeys across channels
  • Increase visibility of payments and customer interactions
  • Make data-driven business decisions that increase profitability and customer engagement

3 Keys to Streamlining Omnichannel Payments

1. The Right Technology

Using the right technology is the most important factor when helping merchants implement omnichannel payments. Put simply, VARs and ISVs need to partner with a provider that can support all payment types.

Ensure that the provider you partner with can support:

  • Modern technology for processing a variety of payment types on any channel
  • Unattended, recurring payments, QR code, and text-to-pay options as well as credit and debit card payments at the checkout counter
  • Online payments visible to employees in the physical store
  • Security and PCI compliance for all payments
  • Unified reporting for streamlined back-office processes

Furthermore, you need to make sure that payment data isn’t siloed based on type or channel. The best omnichannel payment experiences will allow a customer to return an item purchased online to a physical store or add additional purchases to a buy online pickup in store (BOPIS) customer’s order without requiring them to stand in a checkout line. Talk to your clients about the experiences they’d like to create and provide them with the technology that will help them deliver.

2. The Right Hardware

Hardware choice impacts the effectiveness of an omnichannel payment environment. The right payment hardware will give merchants the freedom to complete transactions outside the store, in the aisles, in an extra checkout line during the holidays – anywhere necessary to create the best customer experiences.

However, PIN pads are now in short supply, which could delay a merchant’s plans and ability to stay competitive. VARs and ISVs will benefit from partnering with a provider that offers hardware-agnostic solutions, giving merchants more choices and providing flexibility to deliver innovative, streamlined, and friction-free customer experiences. Look for a partner who supports dozens of plug-and-play EMV-ready devices from leading OEM providers.

3. The Right Partner

Creating omnichannel payment environments for your clients can be complicated without the right partner. The right partner will offer VARs and ISVs – and their merchants – the service and support required to implement the environment and keep it running optimally into the future. The right partner will also provide VARs and ISVs with the guidance and expertise needed to unify payment experiences using the hardware or software solutions to create optimal solutions

The Ultimate Trifecta for Implementing Omnichannel Payments

The right technology, the choice of the right hardware, and the right partner result in omnichannel payments that create the best customer experiences and allow your clients to operate most efficiently and profitably.

Datacap Systems helps VARs and ISVs seamlessly provide merchants the ability to process any payment, any place, on any processor. Add to your value proposition the integrated digital channel expansion required to help merchants grow their businesses. Best of all, you’ll help them do it the right way with Datacap.

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