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FSA/HSA Support Added to Global Pay TwinTran™ and IPTran™

Chalfont, PA – FSA/HSA transaction support has been added to Global Pay host-based TwinTran™ and IPTran™ versions. This is an important new feature for ECR and POS resellers targeting or servicing locations accepting FSA/HSA (Flexible Spending Account / Health Savings Account) payments, who can now provide FSA support through their integrated payment solution via TwinTran or IPTran, in addition to the other payment types already supported. Qualified FSA purchases can be authorized by the payment host. Non-qualified items and amounts not covered by current FSA balances can be processed using other payment types. As of July 1, 2009 (postponed from January 1, 2009), IRS regulations require pharmacies accepting FSA/HSA payments to have an IIAS (inventory information approval system) compliant point of sale system implemented or discontinue acceptance of FSA cards.

To support FSA transactions, ECR/POS software providers need to provide FSA item eligibility management, audit usage and support specific FSA payment transactions and rules. Current Tran™ users can be updated to add FSA transaction support, but the associated ECR/POS devices will also need to be able to support FSA/HSA. FSA support will be added to other Datacap products as is appropriate.


This TwinTran/IPTran update also enables partial authorizations on prepaid credit cards, where supported by associated ECR/POS product versions, to support the growth of Visa and MasterCard open loop prepaid card products.


Contact your Datacap representative for additional details.

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