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EasyCheckout for Grocery and Retail

In an effort to simplify the cardholder payment experience, Datacap has released a new integration method called EasyCheckout™ designed specifically for grocery, retail, convenience store and pharmacy applications. EasyCheckout enables payments for credit, debit, gift, EBT, eWIC and FSA transactions.

The alternative transaction workflow used by EasyCheckout™ enables core functionality like pre-dip, line-item display, payment type selection, optimized quickchip and more. EasyCheckout can be paired with Datacap’s Pay API™ multi-processor ecommerce platform to create a true omnichannel consumer experience using the merchants’ payment processor of choice. Merchants can combine in-store and above-store payments on one platform to consolidate reporting, batching and shared payment tokens.

EasyCheckout Key Features


Pre-Dip allows the customer to insert and remove their card before all items have been added to the order. 


Displays product line-items on PIN pad.


Faster EMV transactions with Optimized Quickchip.


Suggestive and Round-up donations for credit and debit transactions.


EasyCheckout determines if a card presented is an FSA card by checking the card’s BIN.


Get to know your customers by asking freeform questions during checkout.


Payment types appear on PIN pad for customer selection.


Add custom messages on the PIN pad display.

EasyCheckout Demo

Which devices are supported with EasyCheckout?

Today, EasyCheckout is supported on Ingenico’s TETRA line of PIN Pads using clear card data (not recommended), TDES encrypted card data, OnGuard encrypted card data, and Voltage encrypted card data.

Ingenico Lane/3000
Ingenico Lane/5000
Ingenico Lane/7000
Ingenico Lane/8000

Why EasyCheckout and Datacap?

With a simplified integration path, EasyCheckout enables functionality like pre-dip, line-item display, custom PIN pad messaging, payment type selection, optimized quickchip, BIN lookup for FSA, and much more. Here’s what sets Datacap and Easycheckout apart:


All Processors

A single out-of-scope integration empowers your Point of Sale application with access to virtually all payment processors in North America. No individual development or certifications!

Instant Device Compatibility

Driving local hardware is one of the most difficult challenges for POS providers to overcome. So, we’ve added plug and play support for an evolving list of common POS devices – EMV-enabled PIN Pads, Signature capture, mobile, card readers, unattended and more!


Security-Centric Payments

With options for PCI-Validated P2PE, Direct E2EE, Cross-Platform tokenization and EMV, Datacap is the payments solution of choice for the security-conscious POS provider.


Omnichannel Payments

Datacap’s omnichannel payments solutions combine in-store, unattended, mobile, and eCommerce to create a unified, consistent payment experience.


Cloud-based Product Management

EasyCheckout is configured, purchased and updated in the cloud. Simply log-in to Datacap’s PSCS™ (Payment Systems Config Server) to manage your new and existing customers 24/7.  

Recurring-Revenue Opportunities

Datacap ISV/VAR partners can offer EasyCheckout as part of a SaaS program from a variety of channel-friendly payment processors. Recurring Revenue with no up front investment! Or, offer your own SaaS program and rent software from Datacap directly at a fixed monthly fee.

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