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Are you taking advantage of surcharge and payment fee with Datacap today?

Datacap has you covered with <SurchargeWithLookup> for credit card surcharging  and <PaymentFee> for cash discounting/non-cash adjustments. Merchants can use both transaction types if desired. Here’s a brief breakdown of each transaction: Surcharge Surcharging is regulated (by state) and allows merchants to mitigate processor fees associated with processing credit card transactions. Datacap’s <SurchargeWithLookup> function leverages a living BIN table in real-time […]

Payments Focus May 2021

May Payments Focus

NETePay Hosted Update – May 2021 We’ve added support for new devices, Apple Pay on the Web, Cross-border omnichannel payments, memberships with recurring payments, TextPay, iOS/Android libraries and surcharging. Apple Pay on the Web New Devices Memberships with Recurring Payments TextPay Android/iOS support Surcharging We’ve added support for cross-border omnichannel payments using TranCloud™ or NETePay™ […]

Datacap and Loyalzoo


We’ve partnered with Loyalzoo to deliver membership with recurring payments support via Pay API™. Get Started Why use Loyalzoo with Pay API? Connect Loyalzoo membership support to the same payment processor(s) that your customer’s use today with shared tokens for true omnichannel payments.  Omnichannel Optimized Shared Tokens between in-store and eCommerce Avoid Fragmented Processing Relationships Loyalzoo Key Features […]

Meet Pay API™

Add eCommerce to any new or existing Datacap installation via Pay API (NETePay Hosted™). Consolidate reporting for in-store and eCommerce payments via the same processor. Cross-Platform Tokens Initiate transactions via cross platform tokens that originated online to use in store or vice versa. App-based payments Add payments to any iOSor Android app with eCommerce libraries. […]