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6 Things to Consider When Choosing an Unattended Payment Solution

Unattended Payment SolutionISVs and VARs have a promising opportunity to help merchants who haven’t implemented an unattended payment solution to adopt this technology at a time when demand shows no signs of slowing down. According to a report from NICE, 81 percent of consumers desire more self-service options. This is partly because the pandemic drove shoppers to develop new shopping habits, like using self-service kiosks and contactless payments. As consumers came to appreciate the convenience and speed of unattended commerce, however, it became the expectation. In fact, the same report shows that 96 percent of companies report significant growth in requests for self-service from consumers. 

Beyond providing consumers with the payment experiences they have come to expect, merchants are also realizing the positive impact that an unattended payment solution can have on the bottom line. Unattended payment solutions have been a means for merchants to control labor costs and consistently upsell while improving the customer experience and reducing wait times.

Unattended Payment Solution: The Key to Self-Service Checkout

Unattended payments are pivotal to providing consumers with a fast, efficient self-service checkout experience, whether ordering and paying in a restaurant, checking out in a grocery or department store, or paying for parking.

While these solutions are the key to enhancing customer experiences, not all are created equal. ISVs and VARs need to evaluate how different unattended payment solutions integrate with the rest of a merchant’s hardware and software solutions. Here’s what to consider when providing merchants with the greatest value.   

1. Hardware-Agnostic

Merchants need flexibility. When selecting an unattended payment solution provider, one that is hardware-agnostic will provide your merchants the greatest flexibility of choice. Plus, incompatible hardware is no longer a concern when working to close a deal.

2. Built with Security in Mind

Your clients want peace of mind that when a cashier or sales associate isn’t managing transactions that they’re still secure. The unattended payment solution should meet all PCI standards for payment security.

3. Processor-Agnostic

The solution you offer your merchants should deliver access to every major processor in North America. Processor-agnostic partners provide your merchants the freedom of choice and the ability to control payment processing fees at a time when tightening the belt is very top of mind.

4. Strong Industry Reputation

As demand for unattended payments has increased, so have the partners delivering the solutions. While there is nothing wrong with partnering with a provider new to the scene, a  partner with a track record of success, decades of experience, and a strong industry reputation will be invaluable to both you and your merchants.

5. Part of an Omnichannel Platform

Ensure your clients can offer payment choices to their customers engaging at self-service kiosks and in any other way by partnering with an omnichannel payments provider. Additionally, merchants will be able to manage all of their payments from a single platform.

6. Customer Service and Support

When your merchants need service or support, they don’t have a minute to spare. A partner that can back their unattended payment solution with exemplary customer service means that your merchants can get help to troubleshoot technical issues exactly when they need it.

Opportunity is Knocking

ISVs and VARs have business growth opportunities within the unattended commerce industries. From self-service kiosks, vending solutions, and unattended payments in parking lots and other venues, business success is on the horizon for those savvy enough to leverage partnerships bringing the most value to merchants. When choosing an unattended payment solution, partner with a payments company that can provide the best user experiences, secure payments, cost control, and payment experiences that help your merchants build loyalty.

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