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Apple Pay is supported in current interfaces

Support for Apple Pay

NFC Mobile Payments support for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

 Tim Cook in front of Apple Pay Screen

On September 9th, Apple announced support in the new line of iPhones for NFC-based mobile payments. Apple Pay allows consumers to save multiple cards that they can use to pay for goods and services by simply “tapping” their iPhone 6 against POS hardware that supports contactless reads. The majority of Datacap’s NETePay™ software versions have supported contactless payments for years, so no integration changes will be required for Datacap integration partners to support this new mobile payments release from Apple once it’s made available in October.

Our ‘out-of-scope’ developer partners (dsiPDCX™, dsiPDCiOS™, dsiClientLib™) can utilize a variety of Datacap’s out-of-scope supported devices for contactless reads.

  • Equinox L5300
  • VeriFone MX915
  • VeriFone VX805
  • VivoPay4500m
  • Ingenico ISC250
  • others to come…

In-scope developers (DSIClientX™) drive the PIN Pads and NFC-enabled readers directly, so contactless reads simply need to be forwarded to Datacap products for processing.

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