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NoLoad™ Technology from Datacap Receives Patent

Chalfont, PA – Datacap Systems Inc. is pleased to announce the grant of a patent for its innovative NoLoad™ technology  (US Patent 8,666,892) that makes merchant deployment of POS and ECR systems with any of Datacap’s Tran™ product line (IPTran™, IPTranLT™, DialTran™ or TwinTran™) much quicker and less costly for retailers, POS resellers and acquirers.  NoLoad enabled Tran devices are designed to automatically identify themselves to selected payment processing services so that once a merchant’s account is approved, they are ready to process without delay or additional effort. These payment processing services associate a unique identity incorporated at the point of manufacture of the Tran devices with the merchant profile defined and stored at the processing host, automatically identifying the associated payment interface and setup parameters.

Once a merchant has their account approved by the processor, activation at the merchant site is a simple call to the processor to associate the unique Tran ID label. After the processor has linked the Tran device identity with the merchant’s account, processing can start immediately. NoLoad eliminates the need to preload a Tran device with merchant parameter files or download later – eliminating merchant equipment mismatch and expediting deployment.


This is in addition to Datacap’s previously patented AutoLoad ™ technology (US Patent 7,814,013 issued in 2010) that also streamlines Tran device deployment by automatically downloading the payment application and setup parameters from Datacap’s centralized cloud-based parameter servers, automating the load process for all other Tran users. Integrated payments deployment is dramatically simplified via Datacap’s patented NoLoad and AutoLoad technologies. These core Datacap technologies are also being made available with other hardware devices, such as POS peripherals, allowing Mobile POS providers to create robust SaaS/HaaS programs with the ability to remotely activate/de-activate common POS hardware (cash drawers, receipt printers, pole displays, MSRs, etc.).     

For further information on how Datacap’s technology can help your retail, reseller, application developer, acquirer or OEM business, contact Datacap Systems, Inc.