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POSBANK USA goes Out-of-Scope with Datacap

Chalfont, PA – POSBANK USA recently broke into the US Market with feature-rich POS applications on modern all-in-one touch screen terminals. In an effort to gain immediate traction, POSBANK USA opted to integrate Datacap’s Out-of-Scope integrated payments interface, instantly granting them access to all payment processing platforms in the US. Because dsiPDCX™ (Datacap’s Out-of-Scope payments interface) is designed to be completely integrated into the Point of Sale application, no separate stand-beside hardware device is required, allowing for simplified installations and a clean form factor for the merchant.

Steven Eun, CEO of POSBANK USA, recently commented, “Partnering with Datacap to achieve a solid PCI DSS compliant solution for our complete POS systems was a no-brainer.  Datacap’s payment processing solutions are best-of-breed, and we are excited to offer our VARs the very best in payment processing solutions.”

“We’re pleased to gain a partner in POSBANK USA who is entering this market with a rock solid POS application. Coupled with immediate support for all payment processors, POSBANK should quickly become one of the industry leaders in this space,” says Terry Zeigler, President/CEO of Datacap Systems, Inc.

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POSBANK has a 19 year history of designing and manufacturing both POS hardware and software, as well as a range of extras and peripherals. POSBANK specializes in systems to provide a payment processing service, as well as staff, client and enterprise management, for use in restaurants, bars, hotels and a vast array of almost any retail outlets. From out-of-the-box software to personally tailored solutions, POSBANK offers a range of options that provides you with what you really need. Our software solutions are designed to simplify the day-to-day running of your business operations, improve access to critical in-store trend and analysis information, and allow you to maximize your business potential with the greatest of ease.