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Datacap’s Stadium App Supports ECRs, PC POS and Mobile Payments

Datacap’s Stadium application has been enhanced and is now able to accept transaction requests from Mobile Devices and PC-based POS in addition to any ECR with a Datacap interface. ECRs, PC-based POS (interfaced to Datacap) and Mobile Devices send payment requests to a centrally located copy of NETePay™ (on-site or in the cloud) that processes all payments, allowing for consolidated batching and reporting across the entire venue. For smaller merchants that may prefer to avoid running local software, one of Datacap’s partnered acquirers that host NETePay in the cloud can be utilized to avoid a PC altogether.

With the addition of mobile and PC-POS support, Datacap has created a payment backbone that extends far beyond large venues and is applicable to any merchant application. ECRs and PC POS providers can employ this solution to add mobile device support to their product offering by simply sending transactions to a NETePay running locally or in the cloud.  This feature-rich application for large venues or smaller merchants provides a cost-effective solution that POS VARs can take to market today. 

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