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New Out of Scope Solution Supports Every Major Processor

Datacap’s latest interface option for PC-Based POS Systems handles all card holder data, allowing POS developers to achieve an ‘Out of Scope solution to every major payment processor. This new interface (dsiPDCX™) utilizes Datacap’s widely used NETePay™ integrated payment processing software alongside a variety of card-entry options, allowing VARs to custom-tailor each installation to fit the specific needs of their customer. Datacap drives the chosen card-entry device that obtains the card holder data and then transmits that information directly to NETePay (located on-site or hosted in the cloud). Only simple transaction details are required from the Point of Sale software. Datacap’s PA-DSS validated NETePay software (with Tokenization support) handles the rest. 

A PA-DSS audit is often cost prohibitive for POS developers, especially if card data is passing directly through the POS software. Recently, payment processors have been releasing ‘Out of Scope’ solutions, but only for their proprietary processing platform and often limited to a single card-entry device. Now, Point of Sale developers no longer have to lock their POS or their customers into a specific processor to achieve an ‘Out of Scope’ integrated payment solution. Integration to Datacap’s dsiPDCX ‘Out of Scope’ interface is completely free and easy to implement. Contact a Datacap representative today to learn more.