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EMV (Chip and PIN) Certification for Global/Mercury

Chalfont, PA – Datacap Systems is pleased to announce certification of NETePay™ with EMV (chip-and-PIN) support for Canadian payment processors Global Payments and Mercury Payment Systems, who join Chase Paymentech in supporting EMV transactions via NETePay 5.0 in-store server software.

Datacap’s DSIEMVClientX™ one-to-many client control manages the PIN Pad, completely handles card interaction and formats the receipt for printing by the POS system. This single, simple interface works for all listed processors, eliminating the need for an ISV to perform rigorous and expensive direct EMV integrations for each processor, and interfaces with various PIN pads. Datacap’s DSIEMVClientX/NETePay product architecture also minimizes the PCI scope footprint, a major benefit to developers and their customers. Development specs, tools and developer assistance are available to ISVs for immediate integration, testing and end-to-end certification.   

The availability of EMV certified NETePay enables developers and their merchants to timely upgrade their systems, as the liability for fraudulent transactions shifts to non-EMV-capable merchants beginning October 1, 2010. Looking ahead, magnetic stripes will no longer be accepted on Interac debit cards after 2015.

EMV chip card technology is a significant advancement in fraud prevention when compared to magnetic-stripe cards. With EMV chip cards, cardholder account data is stored on a microprocessor on the card. Combining the EMV cards with cardholder PINs allows substantial reduction in card fraud, most notably counterfeiting and lost-and-stolen card fraud. The majority of developed countries have implemented or committed to EMV technology. Datacap is pleased to move forward on this initiative with Global and Mercury, leaders in payment processing in Canadian and US markets.

For more information about chip and PIN (EMV), NETePay and other Datacap products and services contact Datacap Sales at 215/997-8989 or email, or visit Datacap’s web site at