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AutoLoad™ Technology Awarded U.S. Patent

Chalfont, PA – Datacap Systems Inc. has been awarded U.S. Patent 7,814,013 pertaining to AutoLoad technology used in Datacap’s Tran™ (DialTran™, IPTran™, TwinTran™) product line. The patent applies to the method in which Datacap’s Tran products, used for integrated electronic payments, obtain and load their merchant files remotely in the field. Each Tran unit is equipped with a unique Device ID that is attached to a Merchant File previously created on Datacap’s Payment Systems Configuration Server (PSCS™). Once the Device ID is entered into the appropriate field in the merchant file, the blank Tran will automatically load its Merchant Parameter file during its first transaction, making the process completely transparent to the user/installer.

Datacap Systems’ PSCS is currently used by POS/ECR dealers and their ISO/Acquirer partners to create, store, edit and maintain merchant parameter files for Tran and soon to be released NETePay™ 5.0. The patent covers the AutoLoad operation at the system level (Tran/ePay and PSCS), the merchant level (Tran & ePay), and the server level (PSCS).

Terry Zeigler, President/CEO of Datacap Systems says, “Centralized merchant file creation and storage allows Datacap to offer true plug and play solutions to our dealer channel, further simplifying integrated payment implementation. Authorized dealers can log onto their PSCS account to create, edit and activate merchant files. Or, they can rely on one of Datacap’s dealer-friendly acquirer partners to build a merchant file for them, so they can do what they do best… Install the POS/ECR system, create a long-term customer with a low service/support burden, and move on to the next sale.”