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Concord EFSNet Migration Host Available to NETePay™/GIFTePay™ Users

Datacap has tested and certified the First Data Concord EFSNet migration software to migrate accounts from the Concord EFSNet host to the First Data Atlanta host. The migration is necessary because First Data is closing down the Concord EFSNet host in the near future. With the migration software, Concord EFSNet users will be able to continue to use the same interface to process transactions, and new users can also be implemented.


First Data has implemented a switch so that Concord EFSNet NETePay and GIFTePay users can currently change to a new URL on the ePay setup screen to redirect transactions to the new host. Effective on or about August 25th, all accounts that have not made this change will be automatically migrated by First Data by redirecting the current URL(s) to the new host, with no other changes required. If users wish to change prior to the automatic migration, dealers should change the setup URL before the end of the month. Of course, any time a change is made, users should be sure that any pending, unsettled transactions are settled.


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