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Datacap PCI EZ-Validation Program Announced

Chalfont, PATo protect and prevent fraudulent use of cardholder data, payment card industry (PCI) requirements mandate that all POS/ECR payment applications be PCI PABP or PA-DSS validated. Card payment services are already tasked with insuring that all new customers are PCI compliant or using validated POS solutions. By July 1, 2010 they must confirm that all of their customers are doing so, and must stop processing for any who are not meeting the requirements. Compliance and validation adds a significant cost burden to POS system developers, and there are risks associated with not complying and not being validated. Furthermore, the costs of both validation and non-validation are certain to increase in the future, as the security standards become more complex and compliance becomes more important to retailers. To help POS/ECR software developers with PCI issues, Datacap has collaborated with 403 Labs to offer the Datacap PCI EZ-Validation Program, designed to simplify and streamline the PCI validation effort and the associated expense incurred by participating software developers.

The Datacap PCI EZ-Validation program leverages Datacap’s own PCI validations, to provide POS/ECR software developers using Datacap payment solutions a streamlined and cost effective way to have their applications validated against the PA-DSS standard by 403 Labs. 403 Labs is a leader in secure validation of PC-based and embedded non-PC POS applications. POS applications using Datacap pay solutions and meeting the associated requirements can be assessed and validated by 403 Labs quickly at a very discounted rate. Datacap and 403 Labs have worked closely together to provide a validation foundation and to thoroughly familiarize 403 Labs with Datacap’s integrated payment products and services, and with their use in integrated environments. This experience and knowledgebase enables 403 Labs to perform Datacap partner validations efficiently, and to pass the cost savings on to Datacap payment product users. These efficiencies can translate to validation savings of 50% or more for Datacap partners.

For more information about Datacap products and about the Datacap PCI EZ-Validation Program contact Datacap Sales at 215/997-8989 or email