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RBS WorldPay Host-Based IPTran™ and TwinTran™ Now Available

Chalfont, PA – Datacap Systems is pleased to announce that RBS WorldPay host based AutoLoad versions of IPTran and TwinTran™ have been certified and are now available.

Tran-ready ECR and embedded retail system users and resellers now have an RBS WorldPay (previously RBS Lynk) host based option available, streamlining daily store operations and vastly simplifying end-of-day activities. Credit, debit and EBT transactions are supported. These host-based versions are especially important for retail stores, grocery stores and for quick service QSR operations. And with RBS WorldPay’s strong base and aggressive expansion within these market segments, this new interface is especially timely.

PSCS web-based parameter management and AutoLoad capability make these new Tran products easily deployed, implemented and supported. POS resellers can manage parameters and changes easily from any PC with an internet connection.

IPTran allows transaction processing over an internet IP connection, while TwinTran also provides same-box automatic dial back-up any time the IP connection is not available. TwinTran dial back-up is fully automatic and fully redundant, with a dial-up connection direct to the host. Datacap Tran products are known for reliability and easy support, which has been improved with AutoLoad capabilities.

Fast IP transactions enhance customer service and operational efficiency, are extremely beneficial to retailers, and are a major competitive advantage to dealers and resellers. AutoLoad IPTran and TwinTran make high-speed transactions simple, inexpensive and painless. These products add more ways to generate customer satisfaction and profit using Datacap integrated payment solutions.


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