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Integrated Card Readers Now Available on New Tran™ Products

Chalfont, PA – Datacap’s DialTran™, IPTran™, and TwinTran™ are now all available with integrated Magnetic Card Readers. Single Lane Tran Products equipped with integrated MSR’s can be installed onto cash registers not outfitted with their own card readers. Single-lane Tran products also include peripheral support, so a PIN Pad for PIN Debit/EBT can be attached directly to the Single Lane Tran Device.

Because Network Applications are sold separately from hardware, new Tran series applications can either be purchased at the same time as hardware or later, through Datacap’s PSCS (Payment Systems Configuration Server). This new feature allows resellers to stock multiple units to maintain inventory at a lower cost for new clients or for use as low cost spares for existing accounts. PSCS-registered resellers/acquirers can also build merchant parameter files through PSCS, on demand 24/7.


Please contact your Datacap sales representative for further information.