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Global Host NETePay™ with Debit Now Available

Chalfont, PA – Global Pay host-based credit and debit card processing is certified and now available for U.S. and Canadian locations. NETePay users now have these additional high speed host-based options for retail, QSR, parking, MOTO, e-commerce and other retail applications where a host-based interface is important. Credit and debit card payments, with both auto-close and manual-close batch management are supported. Reporting is via standard Global Pay reporting methods. Host-based processing is recommended for locations able to use it, because of high reliability and supportability, and simplified usage.

Authorized Datacap NETePay resellers can web download and web/email activate these new software versions. Global Pay NETePay is PCI PA-DSS validated. POS systems using NETePay in US and Canada should be able to use these respective additional versions without POS software changes. However, POS software used with the Global Pay Canada version will need to successfully complete additional Interac certification with Global Pay Canada.

Contact your Datacap Representative or visit for additional information on this and other Datacap integrated payment solutions.