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Combo ‘PIN Pad with Card Reader’ Support Added to PDC™

Chalfont, PAVFI SC5000 PIN pad/MSR support has been added to the Datacap PDC. Now multi-lane LAN’d-register Tran product users have the option of using a PIN pad with an MSR (mag card reader), instead of using separate PIN pad and MSR devices. This addresses many situations where retailers and cardholders would prefer that cardholders swipe their own cards, rather than handing cards to the cashier to handle. Preference that the cardholder swipe their own card may be because of customer convenience, security concerns or in some situations due to cashier unfamiliarity with using mag card readers.

Datacap Tran Management Software (TMS) can be used to parameterize PDCs for SC5000 use for POS/ECR devices that don’t currently initialize PDCs for this purpose.


Contact your Datacap representative for additional details.