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DIALePay™ with DialLink™ Modem Released

Chalfont, PA — New versions of DIALePay are now being released to be used with Datacap’s DialLink Modem in place of the Legacy DataTran. These new versions shift the processing task from the hardware to the software and mirror the set-up of Datacap’s NETePay, resulting in significantly simplified set-up procedures. Because the DialLink modem requires no set-up, all merchant parameter information is entered into the DIALePay software by the installer, meaning no merchant parameter information needs to be sent to Datacap Systems.

DialLink modems are generic and can be used with most DIALePay processors, so Datacap Resellers can purchase multiple units to stock for future installs. These new versions of DIALePay can be downloaded via or shipped directly to your location on a CD. Once the software is paid for, which can be accomplished by contacting your Datacap sales representative, DIALePay can be activated online at or by calling Datacap Systems at (215) 997-8989.