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PSCS™ Website Launched for New AutoLoad™ Products

Chalfont, PA — Datacap has just launched PSCS, a web site designed for use with Datacap’s new line of AutoLoad™ products. PSCS (Payment Systems Configuration Server) provides web users with the ability to create and download merchant profiles and applications. PSCS combines with Datacap’s AutoLoad and NoLoad™ technology for DialTran™, IPTran™, and TwinTran™ products to create a complete system for rapid deployment of payment solutions for embedded systems.

PSCS requires a PC with a browser and internet access. User accounts on PSCS are free to registered Datacap resellers and ISO’s/Acquirers. The “Apply Now” button located at or on the PSCS page of this website will allow you to submit an application for a PSCS Username and Password. Once you have a user account, you can log on anytime 24/7 to create or edit merchant profiles to be loaded into the Datacap “Tran” product.


What does this mean for you?

PSCS and AutoLoad products create new opportunities for Datacap’s registered dealers. Now you can completely manage your customers’ merchant parameter files 24/7, allowing you to provide the best possible service to your customer. Now you can stock units and load them as needed, allowing you to swap damaged equipment on demand or re-load existing units for complete Card Processor changes or small parameter adjustments. If you are not interested in building your own merchant parameter files, Datacap will ship pre-loaded units just as before.

Because ISO’s/Acquirers can also apply for a PSCS username, you can have your preferred ISO build and manage the file, completely eliminating the need for you to obtain parameters, and also eliminate the possibility of parameter mistakes. This ensures that the payment solution you provide for your customer is problem-free.


For more information about PSCS, please visit the PSCS page at or contact a Datacap Representative today!