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IPTran™ Wireless Payments Now Available

Chalfont, PA — Datacap Systems announces that wide-area wireless payments are now available with IPTran, using popular cellular data networks. IPTran users can now use integrated payments at locations not well served by phone lines or wired internet connections, simply by connecting to a cellular data modem and network service. Fast 2-4 second transactions can be realized at local fairs, flea markets, sporting events, mobile/relocatable venues and other areas traditionally difficult to implement with integrated payment communications.


Cellular data services now have wide coverage and are affordable and easy to subscribe to. Cellular data modems are easily available from many distributors. Not only does this broaden the locations able to use high speed integrated payments, but often proves to be less expensive and more convenient than adding phone lines or wired IP connections.


High speed integrated payments are extremely beneficial to retailers, and are a major competitive advantage to system dealers and resellers. Wireless payments expand integrated payment availability within traditional retail locations and beyond to many scenarios that previously didn’t lend themselves to real-time payment authorizations. Credit card usage consistently increases purchases and average ticket size, positively impacting sales. Integrated payments streamline operational efficiency and customer service, while reducing keying errors, payment fraud and error potential.


High speed wireless payments can make transactions simple, inexpensive and painless, and are another great way to generate customer satisfaction and profit using Datacap integrated payment solutions.