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New NoLoad IPTran™ Requires No Parameters

Chalfont, PA – December 2006 – Datacap Systems has developed IP-only applications for IPTran versions that do not require merchant parameter programming. The new NoLoad IP-only IPTran versions (U.S. Patent Pending) are installed without obtaining and loading merchant processor set-up parameters. DataTran–ready ECR and POS users can now use high speed internet payment services even more quickly and cost effectively. Resellers merely install the NoLoad IP-only IPTran, connect it to the register and IP connection, call the processor with the unique identifier printed on the unit, and start processing high speed payment transactions. All of the required parameter information is managed at and by the payment service.


Now DataTran-ready ECR and embedded system users gain high speed payment transaction benefits with one interface device while avoiding merchant parameter hassles, delays and expenses. Retailers and dealers benefit from the deployment and installation simplicity, reduced lead times and streamlined processes. Payment services appreciate the ease of implementation and parameter change. With NoLoad IPTran, getting correct merchant parameters is no longer a reseller concern.


NoLoad IP-only IPTran versions are now available for Mercury Payment Systems and for Sterling Payment Technologies. These are the first versions available of Datacap’s new IP-only IPTran, a plug compatible device which allows DataTran interface users to do IP-only payment transactions without a DataTran. Other IP-only IPTran versions will become available soon. Contact your ECR provider, system provider or your Datacap sales representative for specific availability.


Fast IP transactions are extremely beneficial to retailers, and are a major competitive advantage to dealers and resellers. No-load IP-only IPTran makes high speed transactions simple, inexpensive and painless, and is another great way to generate customer satisfaction and profit using Datacap integrated payment solutions.